Block Research, Inc. specializes in analysis of both primary market research and secondary databases. The principals, Tamara and Martin Block, have a great deal of experience in business-to-business research problems in the technology and telecommunications fields, and are co-authors of Business-to-Business Market Research. The company is an Illinois corporation located in Highland Park, and has been in business since 1982.

Block Research is able to solve most kinds of marketing and communications research and analysis problems. Flexibility is the keystone of its business. It can be involved as little or as much as needed in any phase of a research project, working closely with clients in developing the research questions, determining the proper research design and method, writing the actual research instruments, contracting and coordinating the fieldwork for clients, and analyzing the data. Block Research does both quantitative research (telephone tracking studies, mail survey research, check-out scanner analysis) and qualitative research (focus groups). Data analysis is a particular strength of Block Research.

Using both traditional and advanced data mining analytical tools, Block Research is able to draw upon the most appropriate techniques to extract the most the data has to offer. Block Research has considerable experience with most forms of traditional multivariate analysis and data mining tools. Advanced techniques include both self-organizing and supervised neural network modeling, perceptual mapping, and conjoint analysis. The company is able to handle complex data conversions and integration in order to facilitate analysis of almost any secondary or primary data source.

Block Research believes that marketing programs and strategies should be developed and evaluated using real data. Block Research is interested in marketing communications, and not just direct marketing, advertising, sales promotion, or public relations. Block Research is interested in the analysis and strategic application of any marketing communications related data, not just customer data bases, lists or surveys.

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